Dental Crowns and Bridges Can Restore Function

At Windermere Dental Group, Dr. Susana Moncada offers dental crowns and bridges to patients in Orlando, FL, who have damaged or missing teeth. Crowns and bridges can be crafted using a variety of materials that mimic the natural appearance of your teeth and restore your ability to eat and speak as you normally would.

What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Dental crowns on a light backgroundDental crowns are caps that can cover chipped, cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth. These restorations can also be attached to a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. Crowns reinforce the structure of the tooth to restore function and allow patients to bite and chew normally again. Dental crowns may be used in combination with other procedures including fillings, bridges, and implants.

Dental crowns and bridges can restore function to your smile and provide a number of cosmetic benefits.

An illustration of a dental bridgeDental bridges are used to fill in gaps of missing teeth to restore function and aesthetics to a patient’s smile. Traditional dental bridges are held in place by two crowns that are placed over the teeth on either side of the gap. Implant-supported bridges also utilize crowns, but the crowns are attached to the titanium posts rather than the adjacent teeth.


Dental crowns and bridges can be made from many functionally and aesthetically pleasing materials. These restorations are commonly composed of metal, porcelain fused to metal, porcelain, ceramic, or zirconia. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages, and Dr. Moncada can help you determine which type is right for you.

Metals such as gold and silver are considered to be conservative options because they require very little enamel to be removed. However, they are not the most aesthetically pleasing option and are often reserved for back teeth and molars. Porcelain fused to metal crowns offer similar strength and durability as all-metal restorations, but more closely resemble your natural teeth.

Crowns and bridges made from advanced materials, such as porcelain or zirconia, offer the finest cosmetic result. These materials closely mimic the light reflecting and translucence properties as natural teeth, and can be color-matched to your smile. Dr. Moncada can help you determine the best option for your smile when you come in for a consultation.


During your initial consultation, Dr. Moncada will perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health. She will identify and treat any underlying conditions before planning your restorative treatment.

For dental crowns or traditional bridges, your teeth will need to be reshaped in order to accommodate the restorations. In most cases, we can offer patients same-day crowns with our CEREC® technology. If same-day crowns are not available, impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent to a lab to create your prosthetic. When your crown is ready, Dr. Moncada will place it and make any adjustments to ensure comfort and functionality.

Implant-supported crowns or implant-supported bridges require a three to six month recovery period after the titanium posts have been placed. This period allows the implants to fuse with the jawbone and provide a strong, stable foundation for your prosthetics. Once healed, abutment pieces are used to permanently attach your new restoration to your implants.

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Crowns and bridges offer an effective solution for damaged, decayed, or missing teeth. Please contact our office to make an appointment with Dr. Moncada.