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Comprehensive and Convenient Care from a Skilled and Compassionate Dentist

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Are you looking for a dentist or dental care clinic in Orlando, FL? Whether you are insured or uninsured, you can experience quality dentistry at Windermere Dental Group.

Windermere Dental Group provides dental care for the whole family with both pediatric and general dental services. If you need crowns, tooth-colored fillings, a root canal, dental implants, traditional or implant-supported bridges, partials, denturesfluoride treatment, or even a full mouth reconstruction, we do it all.

Why Orlando Chooses Us

Comprehensive Care: Our dentist and her team can perform almost any dental procedure at our Orlando office.
Patient-Focused: At our practice, the comfort of our patients is our number one priority.
Advanced Technology: Our dentist utilizes some of the most advanced technology in dentistry, including a CEREC machine.
Financing: To make dentistry more affordable for everyone, we accept financing through CareCredit® and Fifth Third Bank.

Schedule Your Dental Appointment Today

Experts recommend visiting a dentist at least once every six months to maintain optimal oral health. If it has been a while since your last dental appointment, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Windermere Dental Group in Orlando, FL, today!

You can schedule an appointment by contacting us online or calling (407) 294-1132.

Very pleasant staff. Overall experience was great. I have been coming to this office for years and the treatment is consistent.

- Jaribel M. - 5-Star Google Review

Meet Our Dentist: Dr. Susana Moncada

The primary dentist at Windermere Dental Group in Orlando, FL, is Dr. Susana Moncada. Dr. Moncada is passionate about helping her patients achieve and maintain strong oral health, and she has advanced training in general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Moncada focuses on keeping her patients calm and relaxed while providing superior care. Additionally, she is committed to educating patients as much as possible about the procedures she recommends. It will be difficult for you to find a dentist in Orlando, FL, who cares for her patients better than Dr. Moncada.

General Dental Services for Orlando Residents

If you need a cavity filled but don’t want an unsightly metal filling in your mouth, our dentist offers tooth-colored fillings. These composite fillings available at our practice are made from resins that can be mixed to match the color of your teeth – so you get an excellent seal on the affected tooth that’s also invisible.

Additionally, if you’re missing a tooth or have a broken tooth marring your smile, we can help correct that problem with a dental implant. Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots that provide secure support for dental crowns, bridges, or dentures, and the implant procedure is simple and effective. 


Orthodontic Services in Orlando FL

Are your teeth misaligned, crowded or crooked? Our orthodontic services can help correct those problems, in addition to jaw misalignment, overbites or underbites, and other facial misalignments that can affect your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

For patients interested in orthodontics, Windermere Dental Group in Orlando, FL, can provide both braces and Invisalign®. If you are not sure which option is right for you, our dentist can evaluate your dental needs and present you with options to help you make the most informed choice about your orthodontic care. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Orlando

Beyond general dentistry, we also provide a range of cosmetic dental services, including porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, Lumineers veneers, and dental bonding. With all of these treatments, our practice can help you achieve a more beautiful, confidence-boosting smile. 

Of course, our dentist will make sure that your teeth are repaired and healthy before applying any veneers or crowns – we want your smile to be as healthy as it is beautiful.

Have you been drinking too much coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine? If you have yellow or stained teeth, the answer is not to brush harder – that can strip away your tooth enamel and damage your teeth. And over-the-counter whitening kits don’t have lasting effects. Professional teeth whitening is the proven way to get a whiter, brighter smile. In fact, it’s the most popular cosmetic dentistry service in the U.S. At Windermere Dental Group in Orlando, FL, our dentist offers whitening as either an in-office or at-home procedure.

All Services

Same-Day Crowns with CEREC Technology

Dental crowns work like caps that cover broken or damaged teeth. In the past, receiving a dental crown required several appointments. First, the dentist had to create an impression of your bite, then send that impression to a dental lab so the technicians could fabricate the crown, which could take several weeks. Then, patients could return to the office to have the crown placed. Now, however, thanks to modern dentistry, crowns can be fabricated and placed in only one office visit with a CEREC machine.

A CEREC machine is a highly precise crown-milling device that can create a unique crown in less than an hour. These durable crowns will fit perfectly in your smile and enable you to chew and speak with confidence. If you need a dental crown, save yourself time and hassle by choosing our practice in Orlando, FL, for same-day crowns.

This Dental Group truly cares about their patients and goes the extra mile to help them on their journey to a great, healthy smile. The staff is Amazing!!!

- Laura B. - 5-Star Google Review

The Benefits of Dentistry

By trusting your smile to a reputable and modern dental practice, you can achieve:

  • Oral Health: Regular dental appointments allow a dentist to notice early signs of oral health issues like tooth infections or gum disease. Early detection is the best way to resolve these issues.
  • Overall Health: Serious oral health issues like infections can lead to overall health issues. Regular dental cleanings reduce the chances of harmful bacteria affecting your overall health.
  • An Attractive Smile: Both general and cosmetic dental procedures contribute to a bright, clean, attractive smile that you will be proud to share with the world.

Our Commitment

We're committed to providing affordable quality dental care to the insured and uninsured in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you want to come in for a cleaning and consultation or receive a complete smile makeover, we can help.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

Windermere Dental Group

Dr. MoncadaAt Windermere Dental Group, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care that is: 

  • Comprehensive
  • Convenient
  • Friendly 
  • Advanced

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (407) 294-1132.